Ordering Advice


Hat Sizes

Sizes can be quoted in conventional UK sizing if known (i.e.: 6 & 7/8ths, 7, 7 & 1/8th etc) or centimetres (56, 57, 58 etc.). If you are ordering from America please indicate your American sizing as this varies from UK sizing.

A few of our hats are available in 3X Large sizes, please contact us if you measure bigger than the available selection sizes.

If you do not have details of your head size, measure the head with a tape measure as indicated and quote measurement in centimetres or inches.

NB: Ensure that the measurement is taken at the widest point on the head immediately above the ears.

Fitting Top Hats and Bowlers

Top Hats and Bowlers are made from hardened felt. They are shaped to fit a ‘standard’ oval head, however some heads are ‘long oval’ and some heads are ’round oval’. If your Top Hat or Bowler is not comfortable on receipt, it is advisable to visit our shop for a fitting.

Rolling your Hat for travelling

Many of our Panamas, including the ‘Rolling’ Panama, Monecristi and Superfino, can be rolled and stored in a tube for travelling. This is also true for some of our finer quality felt hats. Below,¬†the Bates¬†general manager Jean-Luc, demonstrates the correct way to roll your hat.